Day 3: Sappho — the ultimate Lesbian hipster


I’m only on day three and I’m already weary of having to spell out that, “while homosexuality has been around for centuries, here are the first documented/recorded/depicted examples of such-and-such”. And I’m sure most of you also already realize this, but please, bear with me while we catch everyone (all three others reading this) up. Also, I’m two glasses of champagne in, so EVERYONE please bear with me…this will be a struggle.

While lesbianism, as an act has been around for centuries, the earliest known recording of lesbianism is mentioned in something called the Code of Hammurabi — sounds sexual and elite doesn’t it? The Code, not unlike today’s Constitution — was a strict set of laws set by the Babylonian king, Hammurabi around 1772 BCE. Based on Babylonian law interpreted through the Code of Hammurabi, there was a new class of women recognized — the “salzikrum.” Salzikrum, a compound…

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