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Keeping positive and other things I won’t stick to in 2015

Hey lovelies, sorry for the silent treatment these past few months, sometimes life just gets in the way. Any way this is one of them new year resolution posts, well no I won’t call them resolutions, more like pledges. So here they are:


  1. Keeping Positive – Keeping positive and being happy has always been an issue for me, my brain seems to enjoy misery. So I plan on taking steps to become a happier person. My girl even bought me a little book of mindfulness for Christmas as a joke but we’ll see who’s laughing when I’m the epitome of happiness!pilates
  2. Get Fitter – I’ve always wanted to try out apilates class and I’ve finally signed up for a 5 week course ready to start this month :). I’m expecting to be surrounded by old ladies who are much more flexible than me, it’s going to be really embarrassing when they can touch their toes and I can’t get past my knees!books2
  3. Less TV more reading – TV absorbs me. So I pledge to read more and watch less and maybe then I can get through my mountain of books and write some reviews!

I could keep going on but I thought it best to leave it at 3, this way when I look back I won’t feel as bad when I haven’t kept to any of them!


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Thank You

I’ve reached 100 wordpress followers and that’s pretty damn cool! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who’s enjoyed my blog. When I started this wordpress account I didn’t even know if I would stick to it but nearly 5 months later I’m still posting and that’s some achievement for me!

I really love the diversity of the blogs I read here and I’ve never felt closer to the LBGTQ community so thank you all!


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I’ve always wanted to kiss girls

I remember when I was eight years old, sitting on my best friends bed playing with our dolls and knowing I wanted to kiss her.

It’s crazy thinking about it, I was so young yet I already knew I liked other girls. I mean they’re so pretty, softer and nicer than boys. Inside it just felt right. This little eight year old girl wanted to kiss other girls and that was okay. I wasn’t confused or scared, it felt like the most natural thing to want to do and you know what? I did it.

Thinking back to this, it’s made me a strong believer that a persons orientation is in their DNA, it’s something that’s with people from birth. It’s not a “choice”, you can’t suddenly decide to like a particular sex. The same goes for being influenced by others. When I was eight, a lesbian didn’t persuade me to kiss a girl, there wasn’t a lesbian cult going round the neighbourhood perverting young girls minds.

It’s in our genes and to quote Lady Gaga we’re “born this way” 😉 – it’s just a shame not everyone sees it like this.

I came across this really interesting article from the bbc about homosexuality called The evolutionary puzzle of homosexuality which goes in to detail about it (more detail I care to go in to on a Friday night after a few glasses of wine!).


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The Mentally Exhausted Lesbian

IMG_20140901_165217These past few weeks I’ve lost all forms of motivation and I just can’t get myself out of it. Lately I feel like work has been sucking the life out of me. I work full-time and some days it’s like a work demon, draining me mind, body and soul.

Work DemonThis doesn’t give me much motivation to do anything else, like study for my exam in December, read all the books on my bookshelves and well focus on anything for longer than ten minutes! Even holding a conversation is harder than usual. All I want to do is eat, watch tv and sleep.

I need energy and lots of it. If I don’t get myself out of this soon, I fear I’m going to be in this zombie state for some time!



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If you could…

If you could go back to any place in time and take one thing with you, where would you go and what would you take?

This was a conversation I had one Saturday with a friend. At first I didn’t know what to answer, I mean I could pick absolutely anything! The world was my oyster and time had no restrictions. I gave it some thought and I replied with this…

If I could pick anywhere I’d go back to October 2012 when me and my girl went to Venice. I’d take a bulldog puppy with me because I would love to have one and it wouldn’t matter because Rosanna would be there waiting!

My friend thought it was a great answer but informed me that most people would go back in time with the winning lottery numbers or place a bet on a winning team.

That made me laugh because it never entered my mind to think like that. Going back to Venice was the first thing I thought of because I have some great memories of the two of us being there.

It made me realise I’m really happy in my life right now and I thought of nothing else but reliving some amazing memories, with the addition of a puppy of course! Who needs lots of money when you have love? Well it probably doesn’t hurt to have both!

So now I ask you…If you could go back to any place in time and take one thing with you, where would you go and what would you take? 🙂

Bulldog puppy with chin on paws


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Leeds Pride 2014

The weekend just gone saw me at my first Pride, Leeds Pride to be exact. I’ve been desperate to go to Pride this year, simply to find out what it’s like and to take in the atmosphere. Naturally the morning of Pride my anxiety got to me, I felt sick, my stomach was knotted and I broke out into a sweat, the last thing I wanted was the fear of passing out on the train to Leeds!

Once I finally got to Pride I was fine and loved it! I have to admit I was completely under dressed compared to most people, there I was in black trousers and a khaki vest top (I am not a colourful person) surrounded by amazing men and women, girl’s and boy’s, young and old in all the colours under the sun… I’d made a pathetic attempt in comparison… okay, okay, I’d made no attempt…

Still, it was great to be surrounded by like-minded people. Even though like the socially awkward person I am I didn’t speak to anyone I hadn’t already spoken to before!

There are three things I really did love seeing and I’ll remember for a long time, first was all the little children having so much fun! One little girl I remember in particular, she must have been nearly two years old and she was bopping away to the music like a natural, at one point her mum tried to sit her in her pram but this little girl wasn’t having any of it and continued to bop about while standing on the pram. A right little party animal ;).

Another memory I’ll keep is of a girl, standing at the side of the road holding a sign, while the parade flowed through the city centre. Now it’s taken me awhile to find a photo but bless twitter and the person who took it (image came from @BEBOTHUG), the sign reads…

“I’m sorry for the way Christians have treated u the truth is Jesus thinks ur fab”


How amazing is this woman?!

The last thing I’ll remember is seeing the “Queen” stroll through the crowd casually having her photo taken with passers-by, she was brilliant! (Image from

gayleeds queen

The Queen and a Nun of course!

Here are some of my own photo’s from Leeds Pride 2014 🙂


I can’t wait to go to my next Pride!


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