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Lesbian Couples – Art

OITNBRosie Ablewhite is another incredible artist I’ve had the pleasure to discover! As a freelance artist Rosie is kept pretty busy with client requests. I can see why as her art has such a distinctive style which really drew me to her work.

“With watered ink or acrylics you have no choice but to work fast and that leaves you with a very bold mark, as well as drips and distinctive brush strokes. I really enjoyed how this made my portraits more dynamic and now I only work in this way if I can!”

When Rosie gets the chance she creates beautiful pieces showing iconic lesbian couples (real or fictional). My personal favourite is Piper and Vause, I love the touch of orange (pictured above).

 rosie and rosie

faking it

I asked Rosie if she would consider doing an art series of lesbian couples…

“I most certainly would, I feel like it’s something that I’m always trying to find the time to do! Sadly when you work freelance, all the work seems to come at once and then you have to go and stretch out those neglected limbs and interact with other humans!”

Rosie is a versatile artist and isn’t just restricted to this style of painting either. Look at these amazing portraits of Alex Vause and Ellen Page. vause

ellen page

So if anyone wants to commission an art project then do let Rosie know! I’m envisioning a book deal, a gallery opening, featuring in magasines…. 😉

You can find Rosie on wordpress, twitter and tumblr!


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