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Maybe I just wanted to brag but one of my posts is currently featuring in HerShe magazine and that’s pretty cool if you ask me :). Their chosen post is my Lesbian Pulp Fiction post, so maybe I need to write less and include really cool pictures of half-naked ladies and I’d be a famous blogger? Well I could give it ago!

If you’ve never been on the HerShe website I definitely recommend you checking it out (and I’m not just being biased) there is some pretty neat stuff on there. I particularly enjoyed reading How Does Your Garden Grow? by Edie Wyatt. Here’s a little excerpt…

“I prefer to keep myself completely clean shaven.  But this is a post-becoming-a-lesbian thing. In my life before, I was a bit… hairier, as if I wasn’t so concerned about how the dining was for my male paramours.  And to be honest, I guess I wasn’t? I mean, I wasn’t unkempt. But…what I’m trying to say is that there was quite a bit of (neatly groomed) hair down there and I never really thought much about it.”

Anyway if you’re anything like me and you like to read cool stuff from like-minded ladies then go check out HerShe!


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