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Slamsister Designs

I don’t know about you but when I need a card for my special lady there is definitely a lack of choice! Well Emma Dobbs, the woman behind the illustrations of Slamsister Designs is here to change this. Slamsister Designs create really cool greetings cards and prints specifically for lesbians.  pic4

“My goal is to create a huge selection so that anyone who looks on the site will find something – it’s a huge task, but as Sandy said to me once, we’re going to do it, but it’s one card at a time.”


Some of you may recognise Emma’s work as she and her wife Sandy have been to various Prides this Summer selling cards and prints!

Emma draws each design and takes her inspiration from pop art, cartoons and American comics, which I think she pulls off perfectly!pic3

I love this style, it’s bright and fun, exactly what celebrating love should be like. My personal favourites are the ‘Just Married’ cards, if only I was getting married!

So what’s in the pipeline for Slamsister Designs? Emma is currently working on a 2015 Calendar, (you can find sneak peaks on the Slamsister twitter page), larger art prints, posters and hopefully a 2015 diary!

So ladies if you need a birthday or anniversary card, know someone who’s getting married or just want to say I love you, check out Slamsister Designs! pic2


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Lesbian Couples – Art

OITNBRosie Ablewhite is another incredible artist I’ve had the pleasure to discover! As a freelance artist Rosie is kept pretty busy with client requests. I can see why as her art has such a distinctive style which really drew me to her work.

“With watered ink or acrylics you have no choice but to work fast and that leaves you with a very bold mark, as well as drips and distinctive brush strokes. I really enjoyed how this made my portraits more dynamic and now I only work in this way if I can!”

When Rosie gets the chance she creates beautiful pieces showing iconic lesbian couples (real or fictional). My personal favourite is Piper and Vause, I love the touch of orange (pictured above).

 rosie and rosie

faking it

I asked Rosie if she would consider doing an art series of lesbian couples…

“I most certainly would, I feel like it’s something that I’m always trying to find the time to do! Sadly when you work freelance, all the work seems to come at once and then you have to go and stretch out those neglected limbs and interact with other humans!”

Rosie is a versatile artist and isn’t just restricted to this style of painting either. Look at these amazing portraits of Alex Vause and Ellen Page. vause

ellen page

So if anyone wants to commission an art project then do let Rosie know! I’m envisioning a book deal, a gallery opening, featuring in magasines…. 😉

You can find Rosie on wordpress, twitter and tumblr!


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Sapphic Sketches

circle of loveI’m a big art lover but lately I’ve found a distinct lack of lesbian love depicted in art. No matter what I type in to my computer my search results show up nothing! Well that’s not true, there’s usually a lot of videos of a certain nature…

So I’m on a mission to find as many artists who create lesbian art, be that paintings, drawings, animations, sculptures, photography etc. and create a blog series! If anyone has any recommendations then please get in touch.

10:04:12Anyway on to my first artist :)…

Sapphic Sketches is a series of amazing erotic lesbian art created by Jodi Sandler. What I love about Sapphic Sketches is how Jodi can keep the sexual nature of her pieces through the use of minimalistic lines.

My two favourite pieces are pictured above. They are some of Jodi’s more minimalistic sketches, both with clean, crisp lines yet you instantly see the embrace between the lovers. I think that’s what I love about them most!

Sapphic Sketches reminds me that lesbian love isn’t complicated, it isn’t messy, it’s simple, it’s fluid, it’s to be enjoyed.

   4:15:12   10:01:12 3:23:1205:30:12

11:17:10You can find Sapphic Sketches on twitter @SapphicSketches or visit the website for more of Jodi’s work!


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Lesbian Pulp Fiction – Beebo Brinker

beebo brinkerLesbian. Such a soft word, mellifluous on the tongue; such a stab in the heart to someone very young, unsure, and afraid.

I love that line, it was worth reading this book just so I could remember that sentence. It’s so poetic and in my opinion it still rings true today. It also sums up the book perfectly.

Beebo Brinker is about a young girl who leaves her small town (of closed-minded people) for the big city, she’s alone, she feels abnormal and she’s terrified of telling any one her secret desires for women.

Yes it’s about a young girl’s self discovery and has a colourful range of characters some very stereotypical of the era but there’s more to it than that. It’s surprising how the fundamental issues brought up in a book first published over 50 years ago are still relevant today.

It’s quite sad really, all that time has passed yet people, young and old are still being disowned because of their sexuality. We’re still experiencing homophobic remarks and everyday sexism in and out the workplace. This madness amazes me!

If you’re interested in LGBTQ studies or just enjoy reading lesbian fiction this is a great book. It was an easy read which I love. There’s nothing worse than re-reading a paragraph ten times and still not having a clue what you’ve just read! (Is it just me?).


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Let’s talk lesbian sex… book

whole lesbian sex bookRecently I had the opportunity to read The Whole Lesbian Sex Book by Felice Newman. I’ve never read what I’d call a sex guide before so I was pretty intrigued to see if I’d learn anything. 😉

To quote the back cover, “Whether you are lesbian, bisexual, queer, butch, femme, androgynous, or transgender – and even if you have just discovered that you want to have sex with a woman – The Whole Lesbian Sex Book is for you.”

This book covers the lot, desire, masturbation, every kind of sex play and sex toy, to name just a few chapters! It’s also accompanied with a few illustrations which break up the copy nicely (and are quite entertaining *giggles*). As well as the joys of sex with a lovely lady, it covers serious topics like sexual trauma and STD’s.

As a naive woman who’s oblivious to the world around her this book has taught me a few things, for one I’ve learnt that anal fisting is a thing. I mean sweet jeebus, anal fisting is a thing?! Well if that’s what you’re in to ladies, this book has it!

I found my self flicking through the pages at night interested to see what else I’d find. Personally I think The Whole Lesbian Sex Book is a great reference and I wish I had a copy years ago. I mean it certainly could have helped some sexually awkward situations… maybe!

It is literally a sexy lesbian bible. 😛


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If you could…

If you could go back to any place in time and take one thing with you, where would you go and what would you take?

This was a conversation I had one Saturday with a friend. At first I didn’t know what to answer, I mean I could pick absolutely anything! The world was my oyster and time had no restrictions. I gave it some thought and I replied with this…

If I could pick anywhere I’d go back to October 2012 when me and my girl went to Venice. I’d take a bulldog puppy with me because I would love to have one and it wouldn’t matter because Rosanna would be there waiting!

My friend thought it was a great answer but informed me that most people would go back in time with the winning lottery numbers or place a bet on a winning team.

That made me laugh because it never entered my mind to think like that. Going back to Venice was the first thing I thought of because I have some great memories of the two of us being there.

It made me realise I’m really happy in my life right now and I thought of nothing else but reliving some amazing memories, with the addition of a puppy of course! Who needs lots of money when you have love? Well it probably doesn’t hurt to have both!

So now I ask you…If you could go back to any place in time and take one thing with you, where would you go and what would you take? 🙂

Bulldog puppy with chin on paws


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The Day We Met

Two years ago today was the day I met my girl. I’d been invited to an olympic themed house party where you had to come dressed in flag colours.

At the time I’d been in a bad place, I hadn’t been doing well and depression had put me at the lowest point in my life. I almost didn’t bother going but for some reason I’d managed to convince myself that it would be good for me.

I mean it had to be better than lying in bed and crying in to a bottle of wine?

I remember arriving at 3.30pm on a sunny Saturday, wearing a red t-shirt, white shorts and smurf blue tights. I felt like an idiot. As soon as I walked in I was met with a group of unknown faces and I immediately wanted to leave. Everyone was a lot older, it felt like I’d accidentally walked in to a middle-aged mad hatters tea party.

I took a deep breath, sat on a dodgy looking garden chair with a plastic cup filled with wine and tried ever so hard to make small talk. As I sat chatting to an older lady in a large Union Jack hat, I watched a girl about my age painting the face of the guy who invited me.

She was tall, slim with shoulder length red/brown hair and even though she was wearing Union Jack pants over her jeans I thought she looked cute. I watched her laughing and joking and I wondered if she was gay.

After a while she came over to say hi and more small talk ensued, only this time I was interested. I don’t remember much about our first conversation (mainly because of all the alcohol) but I do remember we moved on to the subject of my tights and that she thought I’d look good as a smurf! I could tell by her eyes and the grin on her face that she was flirting and I liked it.

Moving from the garden to the living room we continued to chat, getting a little closer as our conversation went on. It turns out she was trying to work out if I was gay or not, until I brought up the film Magic Mike and the thought of watching it making me cringe, then she knew.

As the afternoon turned in to the evening and the evening turned in to the night, it’s fair to say things get a little hazy from here.

I do remember the morning after, her driving me home as I sat wearing her vest top and shorts while holding my soaking wet clothes longing for my bed (a story for another day prehaps) and getting a text later that day saying she would like to take me out sometime!

I never dreamt of meeting anyone at the house party but it’s funny how life works out.

The lesson is, go do things you don’t want to do because you never know who you’ll meet! It sure worked out that way for me :).love


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