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Keeping positive and other things I won’t stick to in 2015

Hey lovelies, sorry for the silent treatment these past few months, sometimes life just gets in the way. Any way this is one of them new year resolution posts, well no I won’t call them resolutions, more like pledges. So here they are:


  1. Keeping Positive – Keeping positive and being happy has always been an issue for me, my brain seems to enjoy misery. So I plan on taking steps to become a happier person. My girl even bought me a little book of mindfulness for Christmas as a joke but we’ll see who’s laughing when I’m the epitome of happiness!pilates
  2. Get Fitter – I’ve always wanted to try out apilates class and I’ve finally signed up for a 5 week course ready to start this month :). I’m expecting to be surrounded by old ladies who are much more flexible than me, it’s going to be really embarrassing when they can touch their toes and I can’t get past my knees!books2
  3. Less TV more reading – TV absorbs me. So I pledge to read more and watch less and maybe then I can get through my mountain of books and write some reviews!

I could keep going on but I thought it best to leave it at 3, this way when I look back I won’t feel as bad when I haven’t kept to any of them!


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